October 02, 2019

Proposed Elimination of Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Requirements

On Oct. 2, 2019, the City Council discussed a proposal from the Planning Commission to eliminate ENTIRELY the floor area ratio (FAR) requirements of our zoning ordinance in our industrial park.

The Planning Commission is proposing to eliminate a protective provision of the ordinance for all future building in our industrial park. This action seems to be directed solely for the purpose of accommodating the construction of a self-storage facility. Until now, such facilities have not been permitted in our city. Eliminating this important FAR requirement will also open the door to requests to modify and expand existing buildings in our industrial park, and of course eliminate it for all future buildings in the park.

An important reason for not permitting self storage facilities is that there is no effective way to limit what may be stored in such units. Though many kinds of objects may be prohibited, enforcement is virtually impossible, and inspection is not permitted without permission or a warrant. Recent history indicates that such facilities have been used for storage of stolen property.

Making changes in the FAR today will certainly cause those current industrial park businesses (who were required to comply with the FAR) to question the impacts, and this move will likely cause some of them to seek expansion of their facilities under an expanded or eliminated FAR.

You may watch the discussion on this subject here:


August 26, 2019

Star Tribune Article on Proposed Changes to Ayd Mill Road

The recent Star Tribune article recounts likely problems the St. Paul proposal will create for residents in their city and surrounding areas. 

Star Tribune Article by James Walsh

August 28, 2019

Villager Article on Proposal for Ayd Mill Road

Read the latest article in the August 28 print edition of The Villager. If you do not receive home delivery, please find the newsstand nearest you here:

The Villager Newsstand Distribution Map

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