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We are the Mendota Heights Community Resource Association (MHCRA), comprised of residents who love our city and hope to preserve all the great things about living here, so future generations can enjoy this place as much as we do!

155 years of


Our association is comprised of former city council and volunteer board members, small business owners, professionals and engaged residents who care about our community. That’s why we are concerned about new threats to these very reasons we all choose to live here. Decisions are being made right now that will change our community dramatically.

As just one example, it only takes a glance at the large apartment complex at Hwy 110 & Dodd Road to see how much worse traffic and access is about to become for our important amenities. 

Add to that even more recently approved apartments–of the same size–just down the road, plus the new Vikings complex, and you start to get the picture of how a series of poor city planning decisions are about to hit us hard.

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We are surprised because many of our city leaders have approved and even endorsed these projects, which will clearly harm our quality of life in our city.

It’s concerning when we realize that the reasons we all love Mendota Heights can be taken away by just a few who approve projects that don’t fall in line with the well-established vision for our community. 


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We seek to inform residents how easy it is for decisions made today to negatively impact our neighbor-hoods for the long-term. We want to address poor decisions that have already been made and support elected officials who will pursue the vision that has made our city successful for decades.

We operate with clear facts and discuss issues that affect quality of life in our city. You can join the conversation by signing up for our mail list.


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