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2040 Mendota Heights Comprehensive Plan

Last Update: Spring 2019

how does it affect your future?

The city Planning Commission is holding a series of meetings open to the public to consider changes to the Mendota Heights Comprehensive Plan. This Plan is the guide to future development in the city, and its provisions guide what and where residences, businesses, commercial, and industrial buildings can be built. The Plan affects density, traffic, police protection, fire protection and much more. For cities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, the Plan is more important than our local zoning ordinances.


Our current Plan acknowledges that Mendota Heights is a “fully developed community” with limited capacity for increased population, and we should have a focus on protecting natural resources and maintaining our infrastructure, not increasing the city density and adding to traffic congestion.


Please educate yourself about the changes for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan - especially changes to areas with single family homes, where the commission is proposing increased density. 

This is your chance to be heard -- contact your Council members to let our city government know what kind of community you want.


What can you do?

Attend Planning Commission Meetings

Contact your City Council! (See info above)

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